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ROW 80 Update – finally, some progress!

Most important information first – I finished the damn story and got it submitted on time! It was an utter bear to write, and I’m not sure it works quite as well as I’d hoped. We’ll see. If it doesn’t make it into the anthology, I’ll probably rework it a bit and then see how … Continue reading

Pleasure Me…

First things first. It’s Wednesday, which means I owe you a ROW80 update… Things achieved this week: One short story revised and submitted. Hooray! Things not even a little bit achieved this week: My Smut by the Sea submission. Still. But I’m writing it today, honest! For some reason, this story has been harder for … Continue reading

ROW 80 Check In and New Releases

I’m back, and feeling much rejuvenated after my time away. Unfortunately, taking time off does always mean catching up when you return! My main aim for the first half of this week is to have the first draft of my Smut by the Sea submission written by Wednesday (really, this time).

ROW Check In 8

Have been struck down by cold, sore throat and ear infection. Am miserable and depressing everyone around me. On the other hand, I did manage to finish my current short story draft, and revise and submit last week’s story, on time, so am feeling slightly smug, in between the pain. Today I’m working on a … Continue reading

ROW Check In Post 7

Argh! It’s all getting away from me a bit this week… I’m making (slow) progress on the short story, and still hope to have it done by the end of the week. I’m also hoping to revise last week’s short story today, if I can make the time. And once they’re out of the way, … Continue reading

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