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7 Reasons to Wear Fantastic Lingerie Every Single Day

1. Look Fantastic Nothing makes you feel better than knowing you look good. And properly fitted lingerie will make you look slimmer, better proportioned, and help you strut your stuff with confidence.

Too Much Temptation

When I created this blog, I wanted it to feel like my stories – both the ones I’ve written, and the ones I’m itching to write in the future. I wanted it to feel like me – both in the content, and the way it looked. So when it came to choosing a name for … Continue reading

Seasonal Sex Appeal

I’ve just finished and submitted a sexy short story set at a wedding at a Tuscan villa – all sun warmed skin and drinks on the terrace.

Open Windows

I took a trip to Europe’s biggest bookstore today. And while loitering in the erotica section, I saw a broad cross section of London’s reading public pass through and check out the books – from the girl with the edgy haircut to the old guy with a walking stick.

Embracing Erotica

Or: How I Got Over My Hang Ups and Learned To Love (Writing) Sex Back in 2007, when I signed with my ex-agent, one of the things she liked most about my contemporary romance novel was the sizzling sexual tension. “I think your bedroom scenes will really sell,” she told me.

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