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Temptation Thursday – Fire and Ice

Something to tempt you this week, instead of me! In all the Christmas and New Year furore, the publication of my first ever short story almost passed me by. Well, not quite – I’ll admit to a celebratory glass of wine or two on publication day.

Temptation Thursday

Things that are tempting me this week? Honestly? This:

Sexy Shorts

I’ve never been a big fan of the short story – not least because I never could pull them off myself. My imagination always wanted the big picture, the sweeping epic, the long journey. I wanted to examine a whole relationship, from first meetings, through misunderstandings and hard choices, all the way to the happy … Continue reading

People Watching

  I think all writers people watch. Where better to find new characters than in the people you pass in the street, or who sit at the next table in your favourite coffee shop, or stand too close to you on the tube? But I have to admit, since I made the leap into writing … Continue reading

Clothes maketh the man – or the woman

I’ve been writing a short story this week called Too Close To Call, and it got me thinking about clothes – costumes, if you will – and how what they’re wearing affects my characters. The story starts with my narrator arriving at a pub with the express intention of driving her sometime lover wild all … Continue reading

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