Beltane Fire CoverBeltane Fire

Short story in the Xcite anthology, Beltane Fire

The festival of Beltane is just around the corner and the whole village is speculating over which of her two best friends Gwen will be going a-Maying with. They’re preparing for a handfasting, but Gwen doesn’t know how she’s supposed to choose between Will and Roger. Then she catches the boys together, and Gwen realises that maybe she doesn’t have to choose – maybe she can have them both…


Silk StockingsThThe Lord of Summer covere Lord of Summer

Novella in the Xcite anthology, Silk Stockings – part of the Secret Library range.
Also available as an individual e-book, as part of the Xcite Romance range.

Banished to the back of beyond, in the middle of a long, hot summer, Gem and Dan Parker find their marriage filling up with secrets. As they work to reopen the Green Man pub, tensions and unacknowledged desires come between them.

From their first night, when Gem sees someone watching them make love from the edge of the woods, her fantasies of having two men at once start to grow and consume her. As the temperature rises, she becomes fixated by her imaginings of an impossible, gorgeous, otherworldly man in the forest.

A man who could make her dreams come true – and maybe save her marriage.


Pleasure MeFinger MusicNew Heights

Short Story in Xcite Anthologies Pleasure Me and Finger Music

It’s not that Pollie doesn’t enjoy sex – she just thinks she’s missing out on the really good stuff. Somewhere out there are new pinnacles of pleasure, new heights that take sex from something fun to something sublime – and she’s determined to find them. Fortunately for her, she has her best friends, Lee and Rob, on hand, willing to do whatever it takes to help her find perfect pleasure.

Foreign Affairs Lucky LucyNo Running, No Petting

Short Story in Xcite Anthologies Foreign Affairs and No Running, No Petting

Freshly dumped by the man she grew up with, Lucy is not in the mood for a wedding. But for her best friend, and a sun filled weekend at a luxurious Tuscan villa, she’s willing to put on a bridesmaid’s dress and suffer through. But when she discovers that an old friend, and the best sex she ever had, is attending too, Lucy starts to wonder if there isn’t still a trace of the old Lucy – Lucky Lucy – ready to step out into the sun again.

Too Close to Call

Fire & IceShort story in the Xcite anthology, Fire & Ice

Jake and Jess have two firm rules for their not-a-relationship: Rule One – No one finds out. Rule Two – It’s not going anywhere. Between the thrill of secret sex, and putting one over on their friends, it’s working perfectly well for them. But on a night out with friends – and their exes – it’s the third, unspoken rule that’s really going to get them in trouble.

Rule Three – Never back down from a challenge.



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