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ROW 80 Round 2 – Final Post

Hard to believe that ROW 80 Round 2 is over already… harder still to work up the courage to look back at my original goals post and see how I did!

My main objective for this round was to write and submit 7 short stories. Digging back into my files, I see I managed… 5. Not too shabby. Of those, one has sold, one’s been rejected, and I’m waiting to hear on the other 3.

I wanted to work on a new novella, too, but other writing commitments seem to have gotten in the way. In fact, it’s been pushed right back off my schedule for the time being, but that does allow me to work on some new and exciting projects in the next few months.

One thing I hadn’t planned for when I set my goals was the number of releases I’d have in this time, and the promotion involved. Since the round started, I’ve had my first novella released as part of a print anthology, then as a standalone e-book, and short stories published in five anthologies.

As for the next round… we’ll see. I’ve more short stories to write, as ever, but bigger projects to get my teeth into as well. By the time I need to put up a Goals Post, I should have a better idea of how the next three months are going to pan out. However it goes, I know ROW 80 will help keep me accountable and on track.

Exciting times, my friends!


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