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Good News, Better News, Less Good News and Getting There

The Lord of Summer coverSo, Good (although slightly belated) News! As I mentioned a while ago, my novella The Lord of Summer from the Xcite Secret Library anthology, Silk Stockings, has been released as an individual e-book as part of the Xcite Romance range. Doesn’t it have the hottest cover? I love it so…

The Better News? It’s only 77p on Amazon.co.uk at the moment, and only $1.21 on Amazon.com. So, really, what are you waiting for?

Oh, and if you’re not convinced? One of my short stories – Lucky Lucy – is free on Amazon right now in the Sexy Summer Stories anthology from Xcite. Not sure how long that’ll last for, so get it quick!

The Less Good News is a not entirely unexpected rejection on a story. It was one of those that never quite came together right before the deadline. But plenty more stories to write and places to submit them!

Which leads me to the Getting There part of the post. We’re into the last week of the ROW 80 challenge now, and I have one more short story to complete before the deadline. It’s about halfway there now, and I hope to have it done by Sunday.

I’m so pleased with how many stories I’ve managed to write, revise and submit during this round. I’m not sure it’s as many as I’d originally hoped – I’ll need to go back and count before the end of the round – but it’s a good number all the same. Oh, and another piece of Good News I forgot to include at the top? I just signed a contract for another short story in an Xcite anthology. More info on that as I get it!


2 thoughts on “Good News, Better News, Less Good News and Getting There

  1. Congrats on all of your writing success! Yours is a beacon for writers anticipating their first publications, and you write such a refreshing blog. All the way around, your writing life reads as success. Best to you.


    Posted by KM Huber | June 15, 2012, 2:09 pm

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