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Pleasure Me…

First things first. It’s Wednesday, which means I owe you a ROW80 update…

Things achieved this week: One short story revised and submitted. Hooray!

Things not even a little bit achieved this week: My Smut by the Sea submission. Still. But I’m writing it today, honest! For some reason, this story has been harder for me to get into than usual. Can’t imagine why – it’s about all of my favourite things! Still, it’s all plotted out now (something I don’t usually bother with for short stories, but proved essential this time) and I’m making headway. The deadline is Friday, so I’m cutting it pretty fine, but I have faith. Wish me luck!

In more exciting news, the Pleasure Me e-anthology, featuring my story New Heights, is now up for pre-order on the Xcite website. I think this is one of my favourite short stories that I’ve written, so I hope readers enjoy it. And some of the other stories in the anthology look red hot…

And to top it all off, Xcite is bringing out each of the novellas in the Secret Library series as a standalone e-book, forming a new Xcite Romance line. They’ll be available exclusively for Amazon kindle for the first 90 days, before being released by other e-book retailers. The first few are already up on Amazon (just search for Xcite Romance) although I’m still waiting for mine. The covers look gorgeous, though, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with for The Lord of Summer. It’s also worth mentioning that the stories are all available at the ludicrously low price of 99¢ (about 77p). So go on, treat yourself to a story to lift your mood…


One thought on “Pleasure Me…

  1. Good luck with the story subed, and good luck finishing the other by Friday. That’s lie 2 days away, plenty of time 😉

    Posted by newtowritinggirl | May 30, 2012, 6:22 pm

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