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Ten True Things About Me

I’ve been struggling to write a new biog for a novella in a Xcite anthology I have coming out in April. On the face of it, it’s pretty easy – a few witty lines about me and my life, and my writing. But the problem seems to be that my life isn’t that witty or amusing, especially on a day to day basis. For instance, no one wants to know that I loathe ironing, and live in creased clothes instead. The author, Jenna Bright, is as much of a construct as any of my characters. She’s real, and true, but you only see the bits of her here that are relevant to the story – to my writing, and to the themes and ideas that matter in them.

It occurred to me that this may be why I’m having trouble writing posts for the blog, too. It’s hard to make everyone of them relate to my stories, hard to be that Jenna all the time. I love erotic romance – love writing it, reading it, thinking about it. But it’s not the only thing about me, and maybe, if I want to keep this blog interesting, I need to broaden the scope a little.

So. I’ll put the final biog at the end of this post, but in the meantime, here are ten true things about me that didn’t make it in:

  1. I really do wear matching lingerie every day. It’s kind of a thing.
  2. I’m a bit of a recluse – I can potter around my little home for days, without wanting to leave.
  3. But when I do go out, I want to see everything and everyone, do everything all at once.
  4. It’s important to me to have fresh flowers in the house, as often as possible. Makes me cheery.
  5. I love the idea of different worlds, where I made different decisions and my life went in different directions.
  6. On balance, though, I’m pretty happy with the one I have.
  7. I’m a big sci-fi tv fan, in case the above points didn’t already make that clear.
  8. I also love watching bad documentaries – the ones where they make a tenuous connection based on barely any evidence, then after the advert break start refering to the theory as absolutely confirmed fact.
  9. I shout at the telly a lot while watching them. We have great conversations, my telly and me.
  10. I like the great outdoors, but only if there’s a pub lunch at the end of any walk through it.

And, the actual biog:

Jenna Bright

Jenna Bright writes erotic fiction at her tiny desk in her home near London, and in many coffee shops around the country. She’s a strong advocate for fantastic lingerie, high heels and pencil skirts, and finding the sensual in the everyday.
Born with an over-active imagination, Jenna learnt early to channel her flights of fancy into stories. Later, she discovered a talent for creating sensual worlds filled with sexy scenarios, libidinous lovers and very arousing outcomes. She hopes that you enjoy reading them as much as she enjoys writing them.
Flickr Photo Credit – visualpanic


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