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7 Reasons to Wear Fantastic Lingerie Every Single Day

1. Look Fantastic

Nothing makes you feel better than knowing you look good. And properly fitted lingerie will make you look slimmer, better proportioned, and help you strut your stuff with confidence. Statistics suggest that around 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, everyday. Seriously. Go get fitted, now. Experts recommend getting fitted for bras at least once a year, but if you’ve lost or gained weight, got pregnant or had a baby, or anything else that’s affected your shape, just get fitted every time you buy. Or at least visit the Bravissimo website and check out their fitting guide.

2. Save Your Back

This slots in neatly to the first reason. Proper, well fitted support will put less strain on your back. You’ll stand up straighter, and reduce the risk of back strain, especially if your boobs are of a reasonable size. And, if you need to wear decent support, why shouldn’t it be silky with polka dots? With so many retailers offering – and some specializing in – DD+ cup lingerie, there’s no excuse for resorting to the old, greying, boring, unflattering just-hold-everything-in bras.

3. Make The Most Of Your Assets

Even if your boobs don’t technically need the support, give them the respect of a beautiful covering. Depending on your day, the right sort of bra can give you the cleavage you need to rock that little black dress, or provide a flash of pretty under a sheer sleeved top. It’s not just about making them look bigger – you and I know they’re perfect as they are. But it is about displaying them in a way that makes you feel good, even if no one else sees it. Which leads into…

4. Have A Secret

You know yourself better than anyone else in the world. And while your coworkers might see a boring black suit, as mandated by your office dress code, you know that underneath it lies a glorious hot pink bra with turquoise trim, and matching knickers. And that knowledge will give you a secret kick all day long, while dealing with spreadsheets and dull people. Along with a sexy, private smile that can’t help but put you in a good mood. Everyone else will wonder what your secret is. It’s up to you if you want to tell them.

5. Value Yourself

This is maybe the most important point on the list. You deserve pretty things. You deserve to feel good about yourself. You deserve to look fantastic. And fabulous underwear is the quickest, easiest way to show yourself that. It doesn’t have to be expensive (unless you want it to be) and it shouldn’t be uncomfortable (see point 1 if it is). It just has to be a loving message to yourself. Because if you show yourself you value you, other people will start to notice that. And if you think you’re worthwhile, they’ll start to believe that too. They’ll begin to agree that you deserve that promotion, that you’d be a fascinating person to take out for dinner, that you should take that last taxi before them. The powers of really good lingerie are near miraculous.

6. Prepare For Seduction

Sex isn’t the main reason you should wear great lingerie, but it can be a handy extra. Especially if you’re in a long term relationship. Think back to when you first got together. Didn’t you make more of an effort? Pulling out the stockings or hold ups for a special night out, wearing your best lingerie set for a hot date? Don’t you love your partner more now than you did then? So, don’t they deserve your very best efforts now, too, even if you’ve been together forever? Besides, wearing lingerie that makes you feel sexy and beautiful automatically puts you more in the mood for a romantic interlude, which can only be a good thing. The only thing better than putting fantastic lingerie on is having someone you love peel it off again…

7. In Case You Get Run Over By A Bus

Just like your mother always told you. Why not give the ambulance crew a thrill?


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