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Temptation Thursday – Fire and Ice

Something to tempt you this week, instead of me!

In all the Christmas and New Year furore, the publication of my first ever short story almost passed me by. Well, not quite – I’ll admit to a celebratory glass of wine or two on publication day.

The story is called ‘Too Close To Call,’ and it features in Elizabeth Coldwell’s latest mixed theme anthology from Xcite, ‘Fire & Ice.’ Amongst the other stories included there features a ski trip, some culinary delights, a partner swap and a dangerous wager on a racehorse… All of which are well worth checking out for some short, sharp bursts of excitement and pleasure.

My story features on a couple of friends, carrying on an illicit affair under their other friends and ex-partner’s noses. They know they should be careful, but the thrill of almost getting caught proves too much of a temptation… Here’s the blurb:

Jake and Jess have two firm rules for their not-a-relationship: Rule One – No one finds out. Rule Two – It’s not going anywhere. Between  the thrill of secret sex, and putting one over on their friends, it’s  working perfectly well for them. But on a night out with friends – and  their exes – it’s the third, unspoken rule that’s really going to get  them in trouble. Rule Three – Never back down from a challenge.

I love this story, and hope you give it a try!


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