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I’ve never been a big fan of the short story – not least because I never could pull them off myself. My imagination always wanted the big picture, the sweeping epic, the long journey. I wanted to examine a whole relationship, from first meetings, through misunderstandings and hard choices, all the way to the happy ever after.

And I still do, a lot of the time.

But what I’ve discovered, writing and reading erotica, is the joy of the moment in time. One week, one day, one hour. One experience. One lifechanging decision. The turning point itself.

The moment our heroine decides to take a risk, to explore, to experiment – and the immediate results of that.

Such focus allows us to experience our heroine’s life in real time, feeling everything she feels, every caress, every movement, every rising bliss. And that sort of attention to detail really comes into its own in erotica.

So, I am now a big fan of the short story. And not just because my first will be published in an Xcite mixed theme e-anthology, very soon…

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