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Writing Round Up – New Short Story

Photo credit: Seyyed Mostafa Zamani

Another busy week here in the erotic writing cave!

I submitted two short stories, and have already had an acceptance back for one of them. Still waiting on contracts and publication date details, but as soon as I have them I’ll post all the relevant info here. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of what it’s about:

Too Close To Call

Jake and Jess have two firm rules for their not-a-relationship:

Rule 1 – No one finds out.

Rule 2 – It’s not going anywhere.

Between the thrill of secret sex, and putting one over on their friends, it’s working perfectly well for them. But on a night out with friends – and their exes – it’s the third, unspoken rule that’s really going to get them in trouble.

Rule 3 – Never back down from a challenge.

That leaves me with only two short stories out on submission at the moment, both for anthologies due out next summer, which means I won’t hear about either of them for a number of months.

So, of course, I’m working on new material… A new novella, all about identity, sexual and otherwise. I’m very excited about it! More info as it progresses.


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