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Too Much Temptation

When I created this blog, I wanted it to feel like my stories – both the ones I’ve written, and the ones I’m itching to write in the future. I wanted it to feel like me – both in the content, and the way it looked.

So when it came to choosing a name for it, I searched my stories for common themes, recurring motifs, that sort of thing. And it suddenly dawned on me what all my stories have in common.


I like to write about everyday people – people you could meet anywhere, anytime. I like to have their world turned upside down by temptation. By the offer of something they barely even knew they wanted, until suddenly it becomes an option. And they know, deep down, they want it too much to ever say no.

They know how good it will feel to say yes.

But temptation comes in many forms. A large glass of red wine after a long day. The apple from a tree you mustn’t ever touch. Cream cakes when you’re on a diet. A bed with rumpled sheets, and a naked man smiling sexily at you, tempting you back in, when you know you’re already late for work…

What are the daily temptations you resist – or give in to?

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