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Seasonal Sex Appeal

I’ve just finished and submitted a sexy short story set at a wedding at a Tuscan villa – all sun warmed skin and drinks on the terrace.

Photo credit: bachmont

They say that people have more sex on holiday than at any other time of the year – and I can believe it. Away from home, blood hot from the sun, relaxed and easy… Add in the skimpy summer clothes, the heavy beat of exotic music, cocktails and finger food, water and sand on bronzed skin… I’m in the mood just thinking about it.

But summer’s over for another year, my winter coat is out of hibernation, and I got to thinking about the relative sex appeal of the other seasons.


Photo credit: » Zitona «

Autumn’s actually my favourite season. I love the sudden crisp chill in the air, the colour of the leaves, someone’s arm wrapped tightly around my waist as we walk through the woods…

It’s a good time of year to be outside, for cool hands sneaking under sweaters in secluded groves. For lengthy, leisurely lunches and long walks home before falling straight into bed, if not to sleep.

And Autumn has Hallow’een, with its potential for anonymous, costumed sex, or fantasy costumes. And the bangs and light shows of November 5th can hide a lot of other, more private noises.

Yep, I’m definitely looking forward to autumn this year…

Photo credit: Per Ola Wiberg


You’d think that the need to layer up clothes and gloves and scarves to stave off hypothermia would limit opportunities for sexy interludes. But winter has Christmas, and with Christmas comes office parties, mistletoe and mulled wine. So much scope for mischief…

And even when we hit January, a cold and miserable month at the best of times, we have the opportunity for change. A new years resolution to be more adventurous, to find out perfect sexual match, or just to take a weekend in bed with the sexiest man we’ve ever met.

And February? February has Valentine’s Day. I think you can use your own imaginations here…


Photo credit: Per Ola Wiberg

Not yet warm enough to get sticky and uncomfortable, spring is cotton dresses and cardigans – and no knickers underneath. It’s rolling around in a meadow of wild flowers, next to a babbling brook, the sound of water over pebbles masking gasps and moans. It’s the light at the end of the long winter tunnel. It’s Vanessa Redgrave singing about the Lusty Month of May in that field outside Camelot.

Yeah, summer’s hot. But the other seasons aren’t so chilly when you’re wrapped around another person, skin to skin…


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