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Sold! The Lord of Summer

I just signed the contract for the publication of my first erotic romance novella, The Lord of Summer.

There’s been a bit of going back and forth on this one – should it be a standalone e-novella or part of a print anthology? If print, it needed to be a good 4000 words longer, and finished pretty damn quick to make deadline. But it was also a great opportunity… and so I took it.

I love this story, and the characters, so it wasn’t exactly a hardship to spend another 4000 words with them. The novella feels better rounded, more balanced, for having those extra words to explore in.

I don’t have full release details to share just yet, but trust me, as soon as I do I will!

The most exciting part for me is that, after years of writing, I get to see the other side of things – the part that’s not just me sitting at my desk writing words and collecting rejections. At the end of this process, there’ll be an actual book with my story in. People will read about my characters.

And before that, I get to learn about the publishing process. And share it with you guys, right here.

Won’t that be fun?

(photo by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel)



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