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Clothes maketh the man – or the woman

Armoire by Svadilfari

I’ve been writing a short story this week called Too Close To Call, and it got me thinking about clothes – costumes, if you will – and how what they’re wearing affects my characters.

The story starts with my narrator arriving at a pub with the express intention of driving her sometime lover wild all evening, in public, where he can’t do anything about it. She’s planned this evening very carefully, right down to her wardrobe.

She opts for a halter top that shows off her shoulders, because she knows he can’t resist them. She pairs it with a floaty skirt, the sort that can ride up her thighs under the table as he touches her. And, of course, very little in the way of underwear…

What matters is that the outfit makes her feel sexy. Powerful. Wanton.

Everyone has a different definition of sexy clothes, but I think there are some constants.

  1. You have to be comfortable. Anything that digs in, rubs or chafes is not going to feel sexy.
  2. You have to make the most of what you’ve got. Show off your assets, the bits that you like most about your body.
  3. You have to keep something back. If your outfit gives away all your secrets, what’s left for your lover to discover as they peel it away?

What outfit makes you feel sexiest?


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