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Forbidden Fruit

I just finished writing the first draft of my first erotic romance novella. It needs work, and a really good edit, before I even think of
submitting it anywhere, and my chances of publication are still slim. After all, it’s a tough, demanding market out there.

And so it should be. I’m a reader as well as a writer, and we readers deserve the very best stories on offer.

Time was, reading erotica was a furtive, secret hobby. Forbidden fruit. We took what we could get, because that was all that was available. Not anymore.

Today, readers of erotic romance demand strong characters, tension that rises and builds to sex so hot it burns off the page. We want stories we can believe in, even when they’re fantastical. We want every combination of love and sex and pleasure that we can dream of – and a few we can’t yet.

We’ve reached up, plucked the forbidden fruit and made it into pie for extra sweetness.

Erotic romance today is exciting, arousing and, above all, excellent. That’s why I want to bring my own pie to the party. Hope to see you there.


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